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I'M Starving
31 Ontario North, Grand Bend
Ontario, Canada
Phone: (519)238-8567

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Overall Score Overall rating for I'M Starving 4.6/10
Ambience Ambience rating for I'M Starving 3.3/10
Service Service rating for I'M Starving 3.7/10
Food Food rating for I'M Starving 6/10
Affordability Price rating for I'M Starving 5.3/10

2014-06-08Waitress was lousy and so was the food! halibut with frozen fries was all over cooked. Will not come back!
2012-08-14Terrible service, the waitress was nice to everyone except for us, she didn't ask us for drinks, she didn't ask us if we needed anything, she didnt even say hello or smile because we had a small child with us. The food extremely hot and I would never go there again because of how we were treated
2011-12-17We went there just for the Halibut. This is a standing joke, but it was excellent. (the Halibut)

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