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Perkins Family Restaurant Bakery Head Office
2142 McPhillips Street, Winnipeg
Manitoba, Canada
Phone: (204)697-0027

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Overall Score Overall rating for Perkins Family Restaurant Bakery Head Office 3.8/10
Ambience Ambience rating for Perkins Family Restaurant Bakery Head Office 3.4/10
Service Service rating for Perkins Family Restaurant Bakery Head Office 2.6/10
Food Food rating for Perkins Family Restaurant Bakery Head Office 4/10
Affordability Price rating for Perkins Family Restaurant Bakery Head Office 5.2/10

2017-05-04Food is tasty and well presented but the service at the Portage Ave restaurant is terrible. Extremely disappointing.
2016-01-27I'm not able to find a head office for the perkins on Henderson Hwy so will try sending to you. My family and I go to the Perkins on Henderson Hwy at least 2 - 3 time per month. The food, service and prices are what keeps bringing us back. The henderson hwy restaurant is older but everytime we go in I find it looks worse and worse. My biggest concern is the cleanliness of the restaurant. On Friday, January 22nd we went in for dinner and the entrance and overall appearance was looked really unkept and dirty. I used the washroom which I can say I don't think I have used before and it was absolutely discustingly dirty. Besides being dirty which wasn't as a result of one day, the toilets all of them were horrible. The floor had toilet paper all and the sinks looked like they hadn't been cleaned in quite some time. As i left the washroom and walked back to our table I took a better look around. The high chairs -all of them had dried up food all over them. I glanced in the kitchen as I went by and when I arrived at our table told my husband this is the last time we go to this Perkins. When I left I mentioned to the girl at the cash that I knew it wasn't her fault but could she share with the manager that we not likely would be back. The restaurant was not just old and unkept it was absolutely filthy. She said yeah I know the bathroom is really bad? My question is why is it not cleaned on a somewhat regular basis? Like I mentioned the dirt in the bathroom wasn't just from one day. I understand restaurants get old but when they are just down right dirty - there's no excuse. I am sure if the health department was to visit this restuarant it would likely be closed down. I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like if the rest of the restaurant is in such bad repair. I don't normally complain but I was so taken back I felt I needed to say something. This is not to be published as a review but reach the person who can ensure things are improved.
2015-07-17location 123 Vermillion Rd. Took 45 min. for order to be received then no hash browns,no pancakes and eggs hard as a brick. Sent two orders back, asked to speak to Manager. Meanwhile the 6 yr old bit into her cheeseburger and made a face, on opening up the burger the bun was burn. 10 min passed and no Manager, the girl's father who once worked for Perkins took the burger plate to the kitchen. A few minutes later the Manager Brandy arrived. She started in by saying I have 2 line cook trainees. You had no business taking burger to kitchen and yell at my staff. She didn't bother asking what was wrong with the meals that had been sent back. Obviously a waitress that had been promoted and didn't know how to be a Manager (she should watch the food channel) By this time an hour had passed and the second batch of dinners arrived. The bacon had been deep fried and was a shriveled up greasy thing hard to recognize as bacon. The Country Biscuits were the original order and the gravy was a glue like mess uneatable. The Assistant Manager came to the table and said she wasn't there for the start and only knew what Brandy had told her. In an elevated voice the children's father attempted to explain. I recognized the Asst. Mgr. as she had been my waitress on various visits. She left for a few minutes and returned to say she had spoke to the General Mgr. Terry and he said our meals would be compted but we had to leave immediately. Big Freenbee 2 Meals were totally untouched, the side order of toast & pancakes were never received. I thought she was joking but No, the 6 yr old was starting to cry and I asked for her burger to go. The Father walked out before losing his cool. NOW PICTURE THIS, I am a 70 yr old woman who walks with a can, with a 6 yr old & 11 yr old being told to leave. I am a frequent customer of this place, we hold all our old lady lunches there as there is no stairs and parking is good. This location has been going downhill for the past year.I have spoke to several people in the last few days who have been dissatisfied with the service and food. I asked if they sent it back and they said no as they feared they would spit and the new. They are now frequenting the Salisbury House down the road and find it hard to seating there now. Guess that's where Perkins customers are going. This is what POOR MANAGEMENT does to a place. Thanks Perkins for ruining a Birthday dinner.
2013-01-04Went in on a Tuesday morning and the manager on duty was very rude and unprofessional We inquired about and older promo that ended two days before and were told no it's not available , but we seen another table with it already , and the fact that the main item is on the menu year round was beyond us it surprised us that Alison would not accommodate for us terrible will not be going back because of her and we have big groups in twice a month .
2011-09-04Worst service I've ever had at 600 Dixon road Toronto. We shouldve walked out as soon as we sat down. And I've worked at Perkins in Winnipeg before and I understand servers being busy. But it wasnt. Here is my list. We First walked in with our 15 month old. Is it not apparent I need a high chair? When asked what we wanted (ham and cheese wrap with fries and coke, turkey dinner mashed and carrots) he was pushy. Brought the wrong order. It was a wrap, not omlette. Mashed potatos cold but plate hot for turkey. Fries clearly burnt and cold (in window too long?) Couldn't return them cos our server was no where to be seen. Didn't get a refill on coke so had to go up to the front and ask. Another server finally brought it (at the end of the meal) Our server FINALLY comes back to not offer anything else but the check. I wasn't offered a to go container. Wanting to leave we had to wait at least 5 minutes at the front to pay. During our wait I had a chit chat with another lady who told me she had to wait at least 45 minutes for her food and she won't come back to this location either. I'm extremely unsatisfied with our visit and found it was a complete waste of time and money. I would've complained in the restaurant but found too much of my time wad already wasted and not once were we asked how everything was. And PS- the changing table in the bathroom is in the most inconvienent place between two doors where everyone can see me changing my daughter when eating. My bill was only worth $34.13. As I never received a receipt as requested I can't tell you our servers name. I only received my debit slip. The time was 15:17:41 on 2011/09/04. I'm not looking for anything in return. Only that you are aware that it was a bad experience. Again I used to be a server at the Pembina location in Winnipeg many years ago and I know if I gave service like that Brad/Doug would've had my head! I would not have become a manager myself. And it's lucky I wasn't a mystery shopper because I know what that could've resulted in. Thanks for your time, Crystal Falcione

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